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TechHUB is an innovation centre  that connects people, attracts investors and supports collaboration among the startup community around Nigeria and beyond. We provide physical and virtual spaces that enable technology startups to work smarter, develop faster and increase their chance of success. We bring people and resources together to develop tech innovations and nurse disruptive ideas to fruition. We have enough coworking space to accommodate over 500 people all under one roof. We offer flexible workspace within budget and access to an energetic University community in a convenient location.

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Challenge your vision and strategy through personalized insights from experienced mentors.


Learn from local successful founders and their teams. Define your processes and build your network.


All the information you need to know to explore and develop your activities, gathered in one place.

Do You Really Want to change the world?

At TechHUB, we bring together the right people in one place – the people who really do want to change the world through their disruptive ideas. We are located in Ilorin, Kwara State. Talents are everywhere. It is quieter, more spacious and affordable here.  We have the ambitious aim of making Ilorin one of the top startup clusters in Africa. If you have the desire to change the world, come join us.

We are constantly on the lookout for new corporate partnership to work with. Throughout the year we organize variety of special events providing opportunities for attendees to learn more about new technologies with the potential to transform education and develop interest in tech. These events may include TED talks, technology exploration sessions, presentation feedback, gaming events, competitive activities, hackathons, partner information talks, and PechaKucha night style engagements.

Whether you want to be involved in a big or a small way, a formal partnership with us is a great idea to join us to help change our world for better together.

We are Spacious

We have spacious facility that can accommodate  up to 500 people.

events space

TechHUB serves as a community and events space for all your activities.

we welcome you

We welcome visitors, as well as providing pop-up spaces for businesses and organisations.

other activities

We engage in several activities  helping  young people understand the huge range of opportunities in the IT industry.